Innovative solutions that move Visual ERP users forward

  • Paperless App

    Integrating software like Visual Mfg and BMS-EVR solution results in Paperless ERP that provides a way for Visual users to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their Finance department and, thereby, …

    Paperless App
  • What our Customers say

    “The FinBoard has transformed the way Viking creates, distributes and uses financial information. It truly has been transformational for our department…”

    What our Customers say
  • Building Innovative Solutions

    At BMS365 we leverage technology for solving problems and improving business. Our products deliver innovation and are designed to help you do your job better.

    Building Innovative Solutions
  • The Competitive Edge for Success

    At BMS we take something good and make it better. We use the latest technology to enhance the functionality and user-friendliness of Visual.

    The Competitive Edge for Success